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Does Your Business Need A VPN?
No matter how big or small your company may be, there’s one business tool you literally cannot afford to be without: a VPN. What is a VPN? In oversimplified terms, it’s your own personal tunnel onto the internet. That might sound like the stuff of hackers or international operatives,... Read more
What Is A VPN? Here’s Everything You Need To Know
Are you still not using a VPN? Maybe you should be. This year has already taken a rapid nosedive past the midway point and is quickly coming to a close. So far this year, though, we’ve already experienced record-setting numbers of cybercrimes, security flaws, and data breaches resulting in... Read more
Facebook Dumps Its Data-Gathering VPN
A popular television commercial brought a new phrase to the public vernacular: “That’s not how this works… that’s not how any of this works.” The woman in the commercial obviously has no clue how Facebook works as she shows her friends all the photos she’s posted to her wall…... Read more
Test Drive These Five Great VPNs On FileHippo
We’ve got a fantastic range of VPNs on FileHippo – here’s just a few. In the current climate of record-setting numbers of data breaches and attacks on your privacy, it’s pretty hard to justify not using a VPN. A virtual private network not only helps secure your data and... Read more
Privacy Search Engines And VPN Use On The Rise
Users are taking a stand against increased snooping by authorities.  Thanks to some shady political dealings over the course of the past week, concerned tech users across the US have a renewed focus on privacy. First the US Senate voted along party lines to overturn Obama-era privacy protections, then... Read more
Juniper Network Data Breach Compromises VPNs
In a recent announcement, Juniper Network acknowledged that its team had found unauthorized code in some of its software, meaning a back door had been left wide open for hackers who would presumably cover their tracks. This code may have compromised users’ VPNs, and has prompted the FBI to... Read more
Why You Should Be Using A VPN

Why You Should Be Using A VPN

VPNs September 10, 2015

One of the hot topics right now in all levels of internet activity–from the casual soccer mom who updates her Facebook status to the IT engineer working on sensitive, proprietary content–is VPNs, or virtual private networks. New VPN platforms are cropping up every day, and smart tech users are... Read more
LogMeIn Hamachi Gets An Update On FileHippo
The data security and privacy sector has been promoting the benefits of a VPN for everyone from companies with proprietary content to grandmas who are playing around on Facebook. In light of the constant news of data breaches, hacking events, and yes, even governments spying on their own citizens’... Read more
Netflix New Terms Of Service Allows Subscription Termination If You Use VPN
Netflix has been giving mixed signals regarding VPN and geo-location tools, with the first reports claiming a ban would hit, followed by CEO Reed Hastings and other executives appealing to VPN users, and now Netflix has changed its policy to destroy VPN users. The terms of service change allows... Read more
Netflix reportedly clamping down on VPNs
Netflix is only available in a few countries, but it still manages to run into licensing issues, due to movie and TV companies not wanting their programs in regions other than the United States. According to Torrent Freak, Netflix is starting to ban virtual-private networks (VPN) and other services that bypass... Read more