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PayPal Works To Crack Down On Cyberthieves
With projected internet shopping this holiday season reaching as high as $91 billion globally, the goals for most consumers is to pay for all those goods without getting ripped off. While some shoppers rely on the inherent protections offered by their credit card companies, many rely on an escrow-style... Read more
Tech Executives give $1 billion for Altruistic OpenAI Project
Several top tech executives and experts have announced that are to donate $1 billion for OpenAI, a non-profit venture whose sole aim is to develop artificial intelligence (AI) that will be of benefit to the human race. OpenAI is a non-profit Artificial Intelligence research company. Its stated goal is... Read more
How to Make the Most of PayPal Exchange Rates
If you regularly receive payments via PayPal in a currency other than your native one, you may have noticed that the exchange rate PayPal offers is always significantly lower than the official exchange rate, or the one you would be offered by a bank or travel bureau. Some people... Read more
Apple To Enter Mobile Payments Market
Do you use Paypal?  Many of us do!  But Apple has also started laying the foundations for a strong mobile payment service.  Eddy Cue,  App Store chief, has met with many payment decision makers in order to discuss the company’s potential in creating a payments business for goods and... Read more
Square Cash Allows You To Send Money Via Email
Sending and receiving money online is not always as easy as we would like it to be. Purchasing items online is easy enough, with merchants offering a variety of payment methods, but when it comes to transferring cash, it’s a different matter. Not only can it be a slow... Read more
Amazon Vs PayPal: Amazon Pay Service Available To Online Business
Amazon, having extended their original reaches, far beyond the realms of selling books, now they are deep into the world of tablets and online marketplaces.  And now they are reaching even further in their latest effort; “Login and Pay with Amazon.” The new service does exactly what it says on the... Read more
PayPal Set To Enter Space
It would seem that the world is just not big enough for PayPal as they aim towards handling financial transactions for astronauts, space travellers and tourists. Commercial space travel is getting closer to becoming an everyday reality and PayPal want to prove that they are ready for such progress.... Read more
PayPal Is Upping The Ante In Mobile Payments
Not too long ago, PayPal moved in a new direction and got a new guy to head the company. David Marcus has gotten some good feedback, thanks to the things he has been doing for the company, and recently, we heard about a new acquisition which does have some... Read more
Coinstar Getting More Love from PayPal
When we think of counting coins PayPal isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Yet PayPal and Coinstar continue to strengthen their relationship, announcing on Wednesday the expansion of PayPal supported Coinstar machines. If you are unfamiliar with Coinstar the platform has traditionally worked by counting a customers... Read more