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The questions you need to consider about your children’s screen time
As much as we love tech and software, spending too much time staring at screens is something many of us are likely guilty of. Now leading paediatricians have spoken out about children’s screen time. The guidance, shared as the BMJ Open medical journal published a new review, has prompted... Read more
Trends about working away from the office revealed by Avast report
A new study has revealed some intriguing trends and observations about employees who work remotely. The Avast Business Mobile Workforce Report 2018 is now being shared with business owners, in a bid to inform them about the positives and negatives of a mobile workforce. Data from a survey of... Read more
New Research Claims 26% Of Americans Have Deleted Facebook
The study, undertaken by the Pew Research Center (no relation to PewDiePie), is the latest in a year of bad news stories for Facebook. In worrying news for Mark Zuckerberg, the social media giant, a new study has revealed that some 26% of Americans have deleted the Facebook app from... Read more
People Using Facebook Less For News, New Study Finds
Compared to 2017 fewer people are using Facebook for news but are instead using other social media outlets to stay informed, according to the new 2018 Reuters Digital News Report. Now in its seventh year, the Digital News Report claims that users are more concerned about privacy, fake news,... Read more
How Secure Is Your Device? Five Most Common Password Fails Revealed
Think your easy to remember password’s secure enough? Think again! We live in an age where we need to be more careful than ever of people with nefarious intentions accessing our accounts on the various platforms and websites we use. Applications such as free password software can keep you... Read more
According To New Research Men Don’t Shop Online As Much As Women 
Survey claims that women like shopping online more than men, but men still prefer bricks and mortar shopping. Seeing and touching items is more important for men, apparently. According to newly released study by tech shopping consultancy, First Insight, the female of the species are increasingly more likely to rely... Read more
Study Finds Fake News Travels Faster Than The Truth
Massachusetts Institute of Technology research studied 126,000 fake Twitter ‘stories’.  A famous quote often attributed to Mark Twain is the one that goes “a lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes”. Twain apparently wrote that in 1919. His death almost a... Read more
Researchers Find Account Takeover Flaw In Tinder
Poor encryption blamed for access to user data. Tinder’s geographically-based social networking “meet new people” model is responsible for introducing the concept of swiping right to society, but it’s also credited with a new problem: cybersecurity. Specifically it’s one of a growing number of apps and platforms whose encryption... Read more
Driverless Cars On UK Roads By 2021
UK government announces plans to change road and traffic regulations allowing autonomous cars test vehicles on open British roads. The UK Chancellor, Phillip Hammond, made the decision public during his budget speech for the coming year. Hammond stated that the technology was being introduced because the Government sees it... Read more
Google To Open Chinese AI Research Lab In China
Artificial Iintelligence (AI) centre to open despite the fact that its search services remain blocked in the country after the best part of a decade. The subsidiary of Alphabet will build the new AI research facility in the city of Shanghai. The project is to be headed up Fei-Fei... Read more
Apple Gives Private Demo Of Self-Driving Tech
Apple’s AI team gives researchers a sneak peek at several driving projects. We’re used to Apple product launches and demos having all the look and feel of a top-billing rock star event, but the company has a lot more going on than that. At times, Apple stages invite-only, industry-only... Read more
New AI Advances In The Fight Against Breast Cancer
Artificial Intelligence harnessed to improve healthcare. When it comes to devastating illness, there’s no technology too far fetched or out of reach. Thanks to unparalleled fundraising efforts to fuel research, the war against breast cancer has a new ally: machine learning. The AI capability to predict whether or not... Read more
80 Percent Of All Net Neutrality Comments Sent By Bots, Claim Researchers
Findings cast doubt on 22 million comments submitted to the Federal Communications Commission. New research has found that the vast majority of the 22 million comments submitted to the FCC over the summer have been against net neutrality, but that most of these ‘against’ comments were written or submitted... Read more
Mousing Your Way Free Of Identity Theft
Faked identities detected by mouse movements. Tech experts are fighting a never-ending battle against identity thieves, and have a variety of tools at their disposal. Unfortunately, as quickly as they come up with a new way to fight back against this crime, hackers come up with new ways to... Read more
How Little US Users Know About Cybersecurity
Survey reveals some shocking gaps in cybersec knowledge. The old jokes about a grandmother trying to work her first computer are funny because the struggle is real (just ask anyone who’s had to help her learn to work her email account). But the reality behind those memes is far... Read more
Gene Study Errors Confirm: Scientists Suck At Excel
For the majority of individuals and businesses worldwide, Microsoft Excel is the go to spreadsheet software, and everyone from students to trillion dollar enterprises use the software every day. But now, Microsoft Office’s spreadsheet package is being blamed for errors in academic papers by scientists.  In fact, according to... Read more
Data Mining Social Media For Science
What do whale sharks, NASA’s Hubble Telescope, and your vacation videos have in common? Plenty, according to a report by ZDNet’s Jo Best. The author describes in incredible detail the ability to track one of the most elusive (for its massive size) widely-known ocean dwellers, the whale shark. Whale... Read more
Statcheck Software Nabs Data Errors In Record Time
In the world of research, getting published is crucial to remaining in good standing with facilities, labs, and even universities that front some of the cost for their faculties. But as several historic, high-profile cases have shown, messing up your data in a published paper can be the end... Read more