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Software Error Responsible For Mars Lander Crash (Probably)
Scientist at the European Space Agency (ESA) are now thinking that the cause of last week’s Schiaparelli lander crash and destruction, was more than likely down to a computer glitch than some form of catastrophic mechanical failure. Anyone in any doubt of the fate of the ExoMars lander only... Read more
China Launches Unhackable Quantum Satellite
In a remote section of the Gobi Desert, China launched the world’s first quantum satellite early on Tuesday morning, and in doing so may have just made the future hacking of communication networks almost impossible. Chinese state media reported the official launch as technological breakthrough seeking to harness the... Read more
Google Doodle Celebrates Juno Jupiter Mission
Welcome to Jupiter, Juno. NASA aren’t the only ones celebrating the Juno spacecraft’s successful arrival at Jupiter this week. In a surprise move, and also that someone at Google was obviously hoping and anticipating that Juno wouldn’t miss or indeed slam right into Jupiter, literally minutes after Juno entered... Read more
International Space Station Salutes Leonard Nimoy
If you were online at all this weekend or had the television on for more than a few moments, you more than likely heard that Leonard Nimoy, better known as “Mr. Spock” from the original Star Trek series, passed away after a battle with COPD. He was 83 years old.... Read more
Mars Curiosity Rover Takes Panorama of Red Planet
With all the talk of Mars, we still know so little about the red planet. Even though a group of individuals are gearing up to say goodbye to Earth and begin a human colony on the planet, obviously no humans have yet to set foot on Mars; so, what... Read more
This Woman Wants To Have The First Baby On Mars
We all have ambitions – they’re what keep us going. Without some kind of a dream, it’s easy to lose hope and to just feel like quitting as life doesn’t seem worthwhile. Some dreams are smaller in scale, such as getting out of debt or landing that dream job;... Read more
NASA Designing A Drone For Mars
Always at the forefront of science and technology, NASA may be sending a copter drone to Mars five years from now. The drone will accompany a six-wheeled terrain vehicle that is being designed for the space administration’s next rover mission. According to, the copter drone is currently being... Read more
“Used” Star Trek Phaser Going Up For Auction
While I’m no “Trekkie”, I have watched my fair share of Star Trek. I loved the space-travel, the Enterprise, but most of all, I thought the phasers were awesome. They reminded me of the future, yes, but they also reminded me of something out of the past, like, something out... Read more
The Most Amazing NASA Photos Ever Taken
NASA began operating on October 1st, 1958 and just look what it has achieved in those 56 years! We’ve picked our favourite photos ever taken but if your favourite hasn’t made the cut then tell us and we’ll add it to the list! Beautiful Planet Earth! Image 1 of... Read more
An Elevator To Space By 2050?

An Elevator To Space By 2050?

News September 29, 2014

You may not have to ride on a rocket to get to space in the coming decades if Obayashi Corporation has anything to say about it. The Japanese construction company fully believes they will have a working elevator that climbs to space by the year 2050. I can say... Read more
Indian Spacecraft Reaches Mars’ Orbit On First Attempt
India has become the first country to reach Mars’ orbit on the first attempt. The Indian spacecraft nicknamed Mangalyaan, which means “Mars craft” in Hindi or the Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) as it is more formally referred to, was launched back in November 2013 and finally reached its destination early... Read more
NASA Builds World’s First 3D Printed Space Camera
3D printing is already being used extensively by NASA.  Things like rocket engine parts and a space pizza maker have been created using 3D printing. Now, by the end of September, the first space camera made almost entirely from 3D printing will be debuted. An aerospace engineer at Goddard... Read more
Mars Curiosity Rover Might’ve Found A UFO
I don’t know the exact statistics, but many people believe there might just be life on other planets. Even talk show hosts seem enamored with this topic and they go so far as asking past presidents of the United States. And speaking of past presidents, Bill Clinton even stated... Read more
Will This House Be Built On The Moon By 2015?
Who hasn’t dreamed about going to the moon? Ever since Neil Armstrong and his Apollo team stepped foot there in the 1960’s, most all of us, at one time or another, have fantasized about retracing their steps. We’ve longed to echo the famous words, “That’s one small step for... Read more
You Can Choose NASA’s Next Spacesuit
NASA has been working on its spacesuit prototype called the Z-1. The agency unveiled its designs back in 2012 and revealed a suit that didn’t look too dissimilar to the suit worn by Buzz Lightyear. Now, NASA has upgraded its original design to the Z-2 and is calling upon... Read more
SpaceX On A Mission With The First Reusable Booster Rocket
SpaceX is all set for its mission to the International Space Station on March 30th. If all goes to the plan, the company hopes that the Falcon 9 rocket will fire its engines for a second time, allowing it to re-enter the atmosphere without disintegrating like most booster rockets... Read more
NASA Wants The ISS To Be The Universe’s Coldest Place
NASA has plans to create the coldest known spot in the universe. Space is already known to be very cold but the space agency wants to go even further in order to do an in-depth study of quantum mechanics. The International Space Station (ISS) has been chosen as the... Read more
Rosetta Powered Up For Comet Rendezvous
Space is a vast place.  It is the biggest thing that humans can imagine and for years we have wanted to travel to the stars and explore our universe; this involves a great deal of hard work.  NASA have been trying for years, but thats not say that the... Read more