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How Safe Is Your Anti-Virus Protection?
Statistically, a better question than that headline would be: “Did you bother to install anti-virus software?” Given the high percentage of tech users who readily admit they don’t have any software or have not installed an update since purchasing their original title, that’s a scary but valid point. But... Read more
Critical Flaws In Symantec Security Tools Expose Millions Of Computers To Hacking
A top level Google security researcher has found a series of critical vulnerabilities in most of Symantec’s enterprise and consumer products, that were, apparently, ridiculously easy to exploit by hackers. Symantec, which patched the eight security flaws discovered said: “Fixes are currently in place, and updates are now available... Read more
New Wifatch Virus Actually Protects Your Tech
Investigators have uncovered a new form of malware that’s making the rounds, and it’s actually pretty baffling. This one, which researchers have dubbed Linux.Wifatch, may have already infected tens of thousands of individuals’ home routers, but then it goes on to further secure the network, especially any IoT devices... Read more
Cybersecurity Report: Elite Hackers, Or Human Error?
Two new cybersecurity reports were released this week and they brought some surprising news: hackers don’t have to be great at what they do… employees do the hard work of infiltrating a network for them. The reports–conducted separately by Verizon Communications and Symantec–showed that the biggest threat to business... Read more
South Korean Government Attacked By New Trojan:Korhigh
Amid a new wave of attacks hitting government and media networks in South Korea, researchers at Symantec have uncovered yet another piece of malware that destroys sensitive hard drive data and renders computers unusable. The new malware program is called Korhigh (named by security firm Symantec) and contains the same... Read more