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Tesla Says Upgraded Autopilot Will Improve Safety
Tesla has announced a number of software upgrades to its semi-autonomous cars that will be installed into all existing production cars ‘over-the-air,’ in the next few weeks. “This is quite a massive enhancement,” said Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, of the software upgrades. “I wish we could have done it... Read more
Tesla Plagued By Highest Number Of Software Glitches
New information found that Tesla and co-owned brands Jaguar and Land Rovers had more software glitches than any other automakers. The world of software that drives the automotive industry (pun totally intended) has faced a lot of negative press. From the emissions cheating scandal that put millions of cars... Read more
Tesla Update Is One Step Closer To Fully Autonomous Cars
The original vision for self-driving cars–and we mean Disney’s EPCOT center or the World’s Fair, not Google’s vision of the reality of autonomous cars–was that would all recline our seats on a long drive and sleep away the trip to Grandma’s, or that blind individuals would now have their... Read more
Tech Executives give $1 billion for Altruistic OpenAI Project
Several top tech executives and experts have announced that are to donate $1 billion for OpenAI, a non-profit venture whose sole aim is to develop artificial intelligence (AI) that will be of benefit to the human race. OpenAI is a non-profit Artificial Intelligence research company. Its stated goal is... Read more
Apple Working On Self-Driving Car
Rumors of Apple’s automotive project are spiralling out of control, ever since a photo of a minivan registered to Apple’s HQ in Cupertino was spotted on the streets. In a new report, Apple might be implementing an autonomous component to its car, offering a hands-free feature alongside regular driving.... Read more
Space X Dragon V2 Unveiled
Elon Musk unveiled on Thursday night, that SpaceX has created the world’s first commercial and reusable manned spacecraft: Dragon V2.  The spacecraft looks very similar to the LEM unit that NASA used to use in the Apollo missions. What makes this module special is that it can land vertically... Read more
What’s To Be Gained By Apple Buying Tesla?
The SF Chronicle has reported that Apple’s mergers and aquistion chief had a meeting with Elon Musk last Spring, adding fuel to the rumours that Apple is looking to buy Tesla. When interviewed by Bloomberg Musk said Apple making cars would be “a great idea,” and confirms that Tesla... Read more
UK Government To Review Driverless Cars in 2014
The British government is pioneering the transportation of the future, as driverless technology is being taken more seriously.  The government is offering up to £10 million for the development of a British city or town as a test area for this new and exciting field. Milton Keynes had announced... Read more
Researchers Find The Key For Self-Healing Batteries
Researchers at Stanford University think they have come up with a solution to improve the lithium-ion battery, which could lead to improvements in the next generation of mobile phones and electric cars. Currently lithium-ion batteries contain silicon electrodes. Although silicon is a great material because it has a high... Read more
Elon Musk To Transform The 007 Lotus Esprit “Submarine Car”
The iconic Lotus Esprit submarine car that featured in the 1977 Bond film, The Spy Who Loved Me, has been snatched up by no other than Tesla’s Elon Musk. News has surfaced that Musk won the auction for the car with a bid of $866,000. What is even more... Read more
The Hyperloop Transportation System – Faster & Safer Than Any Other Transport
Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, has released a 57-page outline of his idea for a “Hyperloop” transportation system. The plan is for it to carry passengers from Los Angeles to San Francisco in just 30 minutes. The outline shows that the Hyperloop will travel at 800 MPH... Read more
Glassware Developer Says Glass Made Him A Better Driver
Although Google Glass is not yet for sale to the general public and there has been no official announcement regarding date or pricing, there are a bunch of people who have the device for beta testing, to try and help Google improve it. These are the people that have... Read more