Android has been doing its best to compete with Apple’s iPhone, but the issue is apps. iPhone has millions of apps available, but Android still has to catch up. When it comes to cloud storage, it used to be all cloud storage providers offered an iPhone app, but now Android is finally able to join the cloud with numerous cloud storage providers who are finally Android-ready. Check out these top cloud storage providers that have an Android-ready app.


Amazon Cloud Drive

Hosted through Amazon, this service gives up o 20GB of free storage and allows users to store their music, documents and personal data. Android users can download the app directly to their phone to access, update and upload additional files to their storage account.


Dropbox, one of the leaders in online cloud storage, offers Android users an app along with their free cloud storage service. Users are allowed to upgrade their storage capacity for a monthly service fee. With Dropbox on Android, users can access, update and sync the data from their device and computer all to their Dropbox account.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a new cloud storage service that boasts about its ability t be used on multiple operating systems and mobile platforms. Google Drive is compatible with Android and offers an exclusive Android app for owners to take advantage of.


This Android exclusive has a lot more features than the iPhone iCloud storage can boast about. Not only does it allow users to store their data, documents and media files, but they can access their music and even play it while on the go. Files do not have to be downloaded from the cloud storage in order to access them – they are readily available directly through the installed app. Documents can be edited while on the cloud and without downloading them to the device, which makes MegaCloud operate more like a virtual hard-drive. Since it can be synched with computers and mobile devices, this Android cloud storage app is certainly going to give Apple and other cloud storage makers a run for their money.


[Image: Android Authority]