Before we were all blown away (take it with sarcasm or not) by the Apple Special Event the other day, the Android community was all abuzz with rumors about the iPad line’s competitor. Thanks mainly to the invites that Google sent out for its own event, which is slated to be held on Monday, October 29, the pundits have been discussing what may be in store for Android enthusiasts.

Galaxy Nexus 10

Nexus 10

The Nexus 10

According to the guys at Android Authority, we will be seeing the Nexus 10. The rumors about Google working on a 10-inch tablet  have been going around, and if the rumor mill can be trusted, Google has partnered up with Samsung for this endeavor. While the name Nexus 10 is being used, it’s all up in the air. (Then again, that’s what they said about the iPad Mini.)

As for the specs, the Nexus 10 is supposed to have a 10-inch display and a 2560 x 1600 resolution. The aspect ratio is 16:10, with a 300 pixel per inch density. With this display, the Nexus 10 just might give the iPad a run for its money.

The Nexus 7 3G

As for the Nexus 7, which has already garnered a lot of positive attention – even from self-confessed Apple fanboys – it is also supposed to take the spotlight come Monday. Of course, I have to say something about the beating it took from Phil Schiller during the Apple Special Event, but I think that the upcoming models of the Nexus 7 will simply boost its reputation.

The additional of storage – from 8GB to 32GB – is certainly going to make the tiny tablet more attractive to heavy users. Additionally, those who absolutely have to be connected all the time will have the option of acquiring the 3G model. These developments are certainly going to make the Nexus 7 even more competitive.

As for the pricing of these tablets, there is a lot of uncertainty, and we’ll just have to wait till Monday. If you’re looking for more action before the 29th, then you’ll have to make do with Microsoft’s launch on the 26th.


[Image via Axeetech]