With Windows 8 set to become the talk of tech town, it is time you start deliberating whether or not you will be jumping on the bandwagon. Windows has been a reliable operating system for many years, no doubt but with iOS, Mac and Android challenging it, it has to deliver something special. Microsoft would rely heavily on Windows 8 to recapture people’s faith and confidence as well as being the boost the company needs right now. Whether it is any good is another thing altogether.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Upgrade to Windows 8

To make the right decision about whether you should or shouldn’t upgrade to Windows 8, it is essential that you go over the reasons for both. Here are some of the reasons why you shouldn’t upgrade to Windows 8.

It Is Faster, But Not By Much

The Windows 8 is faster than all previous versions of the operating system. Even if that hadn’t been mentioned, anyone could have guessed it. Every time Microsoft goes for a newer version, it has increased the speed, but the crucial question is by how much. According to reports, the difference is not much and casual home users wouldn’t even realize that they are using a faster processor.

The Windows 8 Store Pales In Comparison to the App Store

The inclusion of the Windows 8 Store will cause some excitement among users but the fact of the matter is that it pales in comparison to the App Store. The number of apps available through it is limited and most of them have been created by amateur developers. Add to that the fact that the Store has virtually been designed to work with the new Windows 8 User Interface means only Microsoft Users can access it.

Cloud Storage Is Limited

If you want to store anything on a cloud, your only option is Windows SkyDrive. This is because Windows 8 isn’t compatible with any other cloud host. In case you are using Dropbox or Google Drive, you would have to shift all that data to SkyDrive to hold on to it. Not that there is much problem with that but most users would have paid for the extra storage space and that money is going down the drain.

The User Interface Is Complicated

There is much hype and hoopla surrounding the new User Interface (UI) Microsoft has developed for Windows 8. It is being said to push the boundaries, but it doesn’t. In fact, it only makes things more complicated for the average user. Performing simple functions and tasks is more difficult on Windows 8 than it was on Windows 7 or XP.

Windows Defender Only Offers Basic Security

The inclusion of Windows Defender on the Windows 8 OS is Microsoft’s way of telling people that their computers are more secure. However, the Windows Defender has limited functionality and capability which means it cannot provide the level of security and protection any software can. You would have to use an anti-virus or other security program to keep your system safe.

These are some of the reasons why you shouldn’t upgrade to Windows 8.


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