While Apple struggles to cope up with the shortcomings of the Maps application in iPhone 5, Google has gone ahead and unveiled an app to rival it. The Google Field Trip is available for Android users around the world and is a more comprehensive version of Google Maps. There is no doubt that Google Maps is handy in getting you around town, particularly when you are in a new place. However, Google has gone one better on that with its Field Trip application. You can take a field trip with Google’s Field Trip.

Google Field Trip

Google Field Trip-What’s it all about?

The Field Trip app is available for download from the Google Play Store. The unique aspect of this app is said to be that it is a virtual tour guide. When you are visiting any place, the app will notify you of the interesting places around you. It provides you information about the place you are in and other facts that are helpful for any tourist.

In addition, it gives you an overview of the history of the region and also recommends places where you can stop and have a meal. To make things even better for you, you are notified of any Google offers that are active in the place you are in. You can enjoy discounts and other special offers that are available from Google’s brand partners across the globe.

How it Works?

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past two decades, you would know that Google is the most comprehensive search engine. Google has information you need about anything and everything under the sun. To make the Field Trip app work optimally, Google has tapped into its virtually endless pool of data. As a result, the app is user-friendly and works pretty much like a tour guide.

Google also uses resources from Cool Hunting as well as Atlas Obscura to make it detailed and accurate. The app is designed in a way that is both appealing to the eye and easy to use. Though there is no official word on the matter yet, there is speculation that Google is working on an iOS compatible version of the app. Given Apple’s struggle with the maps on iPhone 5, users would be hoping that Google brings Field Trip to iOS.

Till then, Android users can enjoy the convenience and assistance provided by Google Field Trip. So, you can take a field trip anywhere you like and Google Field Trip will be your guide.

[ Image via digitaltrends]