Blackberry seemed to fall off the map for awhile, but now it is back in the news with its upcoming release for Blackberry 10. Though Blackberry has built itself a long-standing reputation, it has to find a way to convince Android and iPhone users to convert to this new operating system.

the new blackberry 10


The Challenge
Blackberry 10 has not yet been released, but Research In Motion is already starting to market this newest edition Blackberry. Over the past few years, Blackberry has certainly circled the drain after numerous faulty product launches, executive issues and refusal to acknowledge its own software problems. RIM has new leadership now, which is one of the reasons Blackberry 10 is getting ready to hit stores. With too many failed releases in the past, Blackberry 10 needs to build up its new operating system to start reeling customers in long before it actually releases.

RIM is not trying to take over, in fact, they have admitted that if all goes well, they will be the leading Number 3 in mobile phones and that is just fine with them.

Creative Advertising
RIM is doing something different with their advertising campaigns. Unlike Apple and Android, they are skipping the creative, funky commercials and sticking to the facts. They want consumers to know the benefits of the new Blackberry 10 and see how it functions. Furthermore, their marketing approach is to promote a showing, more than telling, which means commercials will feature RIM’s Blackberry 10 in action.

Though RIM already has strong backing from carriers like Verizon and AT&T, they need to create a fan base for themselves — not the carrier. Therefore, RIM will be marketing the phone itself to help build up a following for the new Blackberry with a solo run.

RIM’s goal is to show a better product experience to users in less than 30 seconds. In a world where there are already numerous operating systems and smartphones competing, the new Blackberry 10 is going to have to make one epic comeback.

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