In a recent management shake-up, Apple has ousted several executives including Scott Forstall. While everyone saw CEO Tim Cook taking the blame for the Maps mess in the new iPhone, not many people are aware that it was Forstall who was responsible for the app. Over the past year or so, Forstall had become an important part of the Apple team and was chosen to unveil some of the features of the iPhone 5.

Forstall was heading the mobile software unit as Vice President of iOS software. At present, he is the man behind the new features and latest developments regarding Apple’s operating system. He has been at Apple since 1997 coming over when Steve Jobs decided to buy NeXT. Since then, he has risen through the ranks to become one of the brains behind Apple’s rise to the top.

The issue regarding the Maps app on the iPhone 5 had stuck out like a sore thumb in what has been a good year for the company. After losing its founder Steve Jobs last year, people had expected a tough road ahead for Apple. However, the company had not lost any ground and continued coming up with new innovations and technologies. The year also saw the launch of the new iPad, iPhone and the iPad Mini is releasing soon as well.

Forstall was seen as one of the men behind the scenes driving the company forward. Forstall was the man in charge in the development of Maps and other software for the new iPhone but it is said he refused to take the blame for the Maps mess. He was the one who had shown it to the press for the first time a few weeks before the launch of iPhone 5.

This was the latest in a long line of misgivings the executives had with Forstall. He was known to be one of Jobs’ closest friends which allowed him leeway within the company. Some Apple employees have commented that he often had his way over senior employees. While the statement is doubtful, what is known for certain is that Forstall wasn’t very popular. The Maps mess gave the current Apple management a chance to show him the door.

Forstall didn’t do himself any favors by allegedly refusing to sign a letter of apology. When the complaints had started coming in about the Maps app not working, Apple had to take a step but Forstall didn’t take the responsibility for it when clearly he was the man behind it. Reports from inside the company state that the absence of Mr. Jobs played a crucial role in the axing of Forstall. He is on notice and will leave in early 2013.

Apple Executive Responsible for Maps to Leave Next Year

Along with Scott Forstall, retail chief John Browett has also been asked to leave. Though appointed only recently, a few decisions made by Browett didn’t work out for the good of the company. There is no official word yet on how long before Browett leaves the company. Forstall had been overseeing the repair process of the Maps app but it looks unlikely that he would be able to complete it.


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