The social media giant has taken a lot of criticism for its new Timeline. Users complained all over their posts when the Facebook Timeline was first introduced. Some of those complaints got hundreds of “Likes.” However, the company continues to support the design but is incorporating changes to make it more user-friendly.

Facebook's New Timeline Format

A New Look

The new Timeline design gets rid of the two column approach for posts and focuses on just one on the left. On the right hand side, viewers will see blank space after the modules. This allows them to concentrate on one set of posts instead of moving their eyes back and forth on a page that is too busy.

Timeline was first introduced back in August to everyone even though some users had been switched over before that. Pages had seen the new design back in February with a mixture of reviews. Many businesses embraced the new design and combined fan interaction with informative posts.

The new design was a radical change for the website and focused more on the story of the users life rather than the most recent updates. It provides visitors with a lot of information about you, including places you have visited, photos and videos with you in it, and your status updates. Of course, you could hide any information you didn’t want displayed, but many people complained about the changes.

At the moment, Facebook is testing out the new design on a small group. Hopefully, it will use their feedback and make any needed changes before rolling it out to everyone else.

Even with the new style, users will still be able to access the dates at the top of the page to go straight to a certain month or year. For the time being, the cover image, profile photo, and tabs all stay the same. The focus is on changing how the posts look and will either make people happy or cause an even bigger stir. Facebook probably isn’t too concerned about which one happens.

[Image via sojo]