Using Apple Maps in Australia could leave you for dead. Police in Victoria are urging motorists to completely avoid the beleaguered iOS 6 application after several motorists received unreliable directions that ultimately stranded them in the countries treacherous outback.

In some cases motorists who ran out of gas were stranded without food or water for 24 hour periods.


In testing the Apple Maps application police officials found that the city of Mildura was located in the middle of Murray Sunset National Park based on Apple’s algorithms. Based on those directions Apple Maps was off by nearly 44 miles.

Police warn that such misdirection can lead to a “potentially life threatening situation” as park temperatures reach 46 degrees Celsius at night.

While Apple Maps has received mostly negative reviews in the United States, the mapping situation only gets worse in other countries. In one hilarious case the city of Berlin was completely renamed.

Australian Police Claim Apple Maps Dangerous

Apple Maps has also experienced odd output issues in which the company’s maps has shown contorted roads or failed to show a road all together when one is clearly present.

Tim Cook recently issued a rare apology over the state of Apple Maps and Apple has went so far as to suggest 3rd party apps for download. Apple had one year left on its Google Maps contract when the company abruptly changed out Google’s well received application with its own maligned project.

Recently Apple executives have went on a hiring binge, picking up as many former Google Maps employees as possible. Apple has promised to offer a well rounded mapping platform in the future.

[Image via Macgasm]