Year in and year out, we humans tend to strive to start over and make a new beginning. It’s human nature, perhaps. Whether we actually follow through with the good habits that we start is a different matter altogether. However, with enough motivation and determination, those new beginnings can lead to a better life.

Thanks to technology, we have even more tools that can aid us in turning over a new leaf. Before the year ends, let’s take a look at the best apps to make a fresh start, shall we?

Health and Fitness Apps

Health and fitness tops the list of New Year’s resolutions every time. While attention to health and fitness should be an all year round matter, it is always nice to pay even closer attention at the start of a new year.

If you’re already making plans to ensure survival when the zombiecalypse happens, Zombies, Run! will cost you only $7.99 and help you get your blood pumping as well. Available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Best Apps To Make A Fresh Start

Lose It! is a free iOS app, which serves a weight loss program. It is basically a calorie log-counter, which incorporates the social aspect.

P90X used to be the most popular workout routine that got real results if followed. It may not be that popular these days – fads do come and go – but it still does work. For $0.99 and a lot of physical effort, you can work your way to the body you want.

Personal Finance Apps

Personal finance is another aspect of our lives that we tend to have a lot of issues with. If you need to fix the state of your personal finance, some of the best apps to make a fresh start to try are:

Productivity Apps

Whether you work in a corporate setting, or you work at home, productivity can be a big issue. Even searching for the right tools can take away from your productivity. Of course, if you sacrifice a bit of that time sorting out which apps can help you with productivity, the results down the road will make it worthwhile. Some apps to look at:

  • Notability for iPad – the best-selling notetaker of 2012, the app makes notetaker more convenient. It’s also on sale for only $1.99!
  • Checkmark for iOS – a reminder app with the edge of having location-based notifications
  • Sticky Notes Pro – perfect for those who are already used to Sticky Notes. On sale for $0.99.
  • SugarSync – one of the best file syncing apps out there

There you have some of the best apps to make a fresh start in 2013. Cheers!

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