Facebook has worked with almost every major player in the internet industry.  Now, it seems to be working on a deal with Microsoft that could benefit it and advertising in general.


If successful, Facebook could create an advertising network to rival Google’s.  The subject of this negotiation is Atlas Solutions, a product Microsoft bought back in 2007 as part of a deal with aQuantive.

Facebook and Microsoft Working on a Deal

Nothing has been said about how close the deal is to closing, but that talks are serious.  Gaining an ad network is one thing Facebook needs to move it into a new arena where it will launch an ad network for other websites.

How it Benefits Facebook

Facebook has access to more users’ email addresses, along with other private information.  It can also relay information to marketers about what users are looking at and if they saw an ad online before they bought it in a store.  Retailers also have access to customers’ phone numbers and addresses since they buy them from data collection agencies.

Facebook can already tell how much impact an ad on their website had on users and how it increased sales.  With Atlas Solutions, it can do the same thing for other websites.  This makes it a very attractive company for other businesses.

The biggest job will be keeping users from panicking about losing their privacy.  However, since no personal data will actually be leaving Facebook’s hands, it shouldn’t worry people too much.  They will provide the data about sales but not give out specific information that violates privacy laws.

The second obstacle they have is to build the technology to create this ad network, but that is why they are looking at Atlas Solutions.  With this piece of the puzzle, they are well on their way to establishing themselves as the new ad network in town.

[Images via thetechblock & insidefacebook]