Gmail 2.0 is available for iPhone users now. Instead of just being an update, it is being promoted as a new look and feel.  However, at the core, it is still an email account.

The New Look

One of the best new features is the multi-account option.  You can log in with up to five Gmail accounts, which will be helpful if you share a device with family. Another change you will appreciate is the images that come with the messages. When you get an unrecognized message, you can get a picture of who it is from.

Gmail 2.0 Released with New Improvements


You can respond to invitations originated from Google Calendar and you can like Google+ posts with a comment and not have to leave your email. Google also recognizes the impact of mobile devices and has introduced a new setting that lets the messages automatically be resized to fit the screen of whatever device they are being read on.

For people who like to stay organized with their email, Gmail also now has a swipe-to-archive option that allows you to quickly store your emails.  You can also use a similar feature to delete messages faster. Another feature of this new edition of Gmail is that you can attach photos and videos and provide larger photo previews with attachments.

If you are looking for fun, new animations are available. You can also save time when searching within your email with the predictions to help you find what you are looking for.

Gmail 2.0 Released with New Improvements

The new Gmail 2.0 has definitely added some great new features to enhance an already popular product.  It has also cleaned up its space for a less cluttered look. Is it anything revolutionary to change your mind about which email account you use? Probably not. But it does offer improvements to the people who already like Gmail and gives them a reason to promote it to others.  Gmail 2.0 offers enough improvements to keep users loyal to their chosen email server.


[Images via cultofmac &  jess3]