Google has announced that it will continue the ability for users to make free phone calls with the Google Voice.  It also has cheap rates for international calls that begin with two cents.

Google Voice was launched back in 2009 as an option for VoIP and users can either make a call or send text messages.  They can also get their own unique phone number.  A plugin was added that allowed people to use the Chat in Gmail for calls to either a mobile phone or landline and was designed to compete with Skype.

 Savings with VoIP

Voice over IP has saved businesses a ridiculous amount of money in the last few years and the service is expected to generate about $15.4 billion in revenue.  Many individuals have also switched from local phone companies to one of the VoIP providers for monthly savings.

Google Voice makes it easy to contact people from your computer.  If they are in your contact list, all you have to do is click on their profile.  There is no ID to remember, which makes it faster to connect with friends and family.  If you want to use Google Voice on your smartphone, you can download the app to your device.  This allows you to call for free from your phone and have free texting, too.  It is also called Google Chat.

One of the things users appreciate about Google Voice is that it works with so many android phones and can save money on cell phone bills and remove the need for landlines.

There are numerous VoIP providers in addition to the most well-known companies such as Vonage and Grasshopper that have been around awhile.  For users on Gmail, Google Voice is a seamless addition to extend the way they can contact people right through their email account.

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