Windows 8 has been out for over a month but the general perception remains people are taking their time to warm up to it. In this day and age, where the new iPad and iPhones are lapped up by the public, slow appreciation could spell doomsday for a product and its maker. The reason people are not using Windows 8 as much as Microsoft expected is because of the major changes the company has made from the previous version, Windows 7. Herein lies the question: if you want to purchase a new computer, is Windows 8 the only option? No, it’s not.

New Windows 7 PCs Still Available for Sale


In fact, you can buy a new Windows 7 PC if you feel more comfortable using Microsoft’s older operating system. As a user in this era of technological innovations, having to learn how to operate something creates a feeling of tedium and ultimately the person loses interest. This could very well prove to be the case for several users who purchase a Windows 8 PC. However, there is no compulsion for you to do so. You don’t have to compromise on quality when purchasing a Windows 7 PC.

The operating system is still available and as Microsoft said, it is going to be around till the next year at least. This is great news for any person who doesn’t want to upgrade just yet. Developing a familiarity with an operating system takes time and if you are adept at using Windows 7, there is no reason for you to discontinue the association.

The only area where you would have to compromise is the models up for sale. The leading PC makers have refrained from selling their latest models with Windows 7. If you want to get the latest model, you would have to upgrade to Windows 8. So, if you are looking for a new PC from Dell or HP, you can get Windows 7. You would have to settle for an older model though!


[Image via realitypod]