If you do not like the time-consuming job of clipping coupons but you appreciate the savings they provide, you may enjoy using online promotional codes. These are a great way to save even more money if you do use them in addition to other deals such as coupons.

Saving Money with Promotional Codes


Promotional codes are often given out to customers as a reward for their loyalty. However, you can find some of these online at different sites.  Retailers are usually fine with allowing their promo codes to be made public since it can entice new customers to give them a try.

Search Online

You can find several websites that provide promotional codes for major companies. These include KeyCode, Coupon Cabin, and RetailMeNot.  You can also do a search for other sites by entering the name of the company and the words “promo code” into your search.

Don’t Assume Promotional Codes Make it Cheaper

Compare prices even with the promotional codes against other sites to make sure you don’t find it somewhere else cheaper. Some retailers offer codes to give discounts without actually competing against other stores by lowering the prices too much. You also need to compare the savings if you get codes for different stores. One store may offer a code for so many dollars off your purchase while another one may give you a percentage discount.

Don’t Pay for Codes

You should never pay to get a promotional code. Any website that promises to give you a wonderful code if you pay for it is probably a scam or untrustworthy site.

Like Your Favorites on Facebook

Follow your favorite stores on Facebook to get updates on the latest promotional codes available and find out which ones are exclusive to those in their social media group. Sometimes you can get an extra discount by spreading the word to your friends. They may get the original discount or code while you get a second one worth more.


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