Spotify’s streaming music service has become an instant hit in every single country where it has launched, now just over one year since arriving in the United States the company has proven its proof of concept. Spotify CEO Daniel Ek announced during a Thursday press event in New York City that the company now has 1 million paid subscribers in the United States.

Ek also announced that Spotify has managed to rake up 5 million paid subscribers around the world and 20 million active users.

In July 2012 Ek announced that Spotify had reached the 4 million paid subscribers milestone with 15 million active users.

Spotify Premium Hits 5 Million Users Worldwide

Ek notes that the company has been “growing like crazy” and that its growth has allowed for more than $500 million in payments to be given to copyright holders.

Spotify has become so popular that users have now created more than 1 billion playlists. Ek also says more than 4 million playlists have been titled “Love.”

The most impressive announcement from Ek might be that anti-sharing rockers Metallica had agreed to join the network, marking a shift in the groups hate of online music piracy.

Spotify currently guarantees a payment of $200 million or 75% of revenues to labels, whichever payment is higher. 2012 will mark the first year when Spotify will pay out more from a 75% revenue share. The company is believed to have earned $500 million in 2012, a new milestone for the service.

Spotify currently offers a free ad supported PC version or a paid desktop voption for $4.99 with a mobile version available for $9.99.

The company’s biggest test may arrive in 2013 when Apple iRadio is expected to launch.

Are you surprised by Spotify’s success?

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