Microsoft was a late arrival to the smart phone game. Therefore, they are behind on applications to use on their phone, too, but that is quickly changing as they add new apps and encourage developers to develop more. Here is a look at some of the best apps that are available in the Windows store.

The Best Apps for Windows Phones



This is a great app for Wikipedia fans in that it features interesting bits of information and allows you to search for specific items. While the articles are the same as what you would see on a computer, the layout is optimized for Windows 8 to make it easy to use.

Quick Note

This is a simple online version of a notepad that allows you to record notes on your cell phone. It is rather simple with no frills, but that is ideal if you just want a place to keep important reminders.


Since Microsoft just purchased this company, it’s not surprise to see it in the Microsoft Store. This allows you to chat from your phone and keep your Skype contacts with you wherever you go.

Free Books

This is a great reader that provides a large number of classics that you can read at your leisure. You don’t have to download them all at the same time and take up precious space on your phone; you can pick the ones you want to read first.


This is a shooting game similar to the old-style Asteroids arcade game. You will spend time exploring numerous levels as you work your way through the game.


This app lets you synchronize your Google calendar with your phone so you can stay updated on your appointments regardless of where you are. For anyone switching from an Android device to a Windows phone, this will be a great addition.

While Microsoft is still catching up to Android and Apple on their apps, they have a lot to offer and more to come.