Just how big is the Internet? I suppose someone, somewhere has tried to quantify this, but the vastness of this resource that we may be taking for granted is just mind-blowing. Since its creation many years ago – when only a handful of people had access – to today, the Internet has become a fixture in our lives. It is thus but understandable that some people have taken it upon themselves to ensure that the Internet, its history, and everything remarkable about it is documented, catalogued, and made easily accessible to anyone who has the need.

The Big Internet Museum

Enter the Big Internet Museum.

This entity is as real as real can be, albeit you don’t have to get up from your chair and commute to a brick and mortar edifice. Instead, you simply have to go to the Big Internet Musem‘s web site, where a world of everything Internet-related awaits you.


Of course, just like many museums, the Big Internet Museum can take you down memory lane. If you’re old enough to remember the early days of the Internet, that is. There is a special “History Wing“, where you can read about how Internet pioneer Robert William Taylor worked on Pentagon’s ARPA. The result was ARPAnet, which is dubbed the precursor of the Internet.

Other interesting features on display include email, spam, and chat lingo.


Big Internet Museum

Keyboard Cat Meme

If you are always updated on the current meme going around, you will have a blast going through the “Meme Wing“. Did you know, for instance, about the Keyboard Cat? A meme that dates back to 1984! Learn about this meme – and more – by visiting this funny wing.

Time Sink

There is no wing called as such, but there is a lot more – social media, audio-visual, peripherals, technology, and so on. For sure, a visit to the Big Internet Museum will be a time sink in the eyes of some. Then again, there is so much to learn and discover, and even if you can’t find a practical application, knowledge is enough incentive!

[Images via The Big Internet Museum]