Another feather in the cap of Apple, its App Store attracted a record two billion downloads in December 2012 alone. This is the highest number of downloads in a single month since the App Store went online. The 2 billion downloads in December carried on what has been an exceptional year for Apple’s app. According to the reports coming out of Cupertino, over 20 billion downloads were made from the App Store during 2012, nearly doubling the number of total downloads before the year began.

App Store Downloads Top 2 Billion in December 2012 Alone


App Store – Apple’s Dominance of the Apps Market

The year 2012 was a checkered one for Apple. There were many ups and downs, almost all of which were carried heavily by the news. No doubt there were some great news which came their way but it wasn’t a consistent year by any means. Add to that the fact that Apple’s stocks had plummeted in the second half of the year. However, the App Store success shows that the Apps market is one where Apple is second to none.

Totaling over 2 billion downloads in a single month is nothing short of unbelievable. It shows that the users love the collection of apps they can find in the App Store. Even though alternatives are available, from Google and Microsoft no less, they are still willing to stick to Apple. The remarkable fact is that a major part of the 2 billion+ downloads have been for apps which aren’t free to use. This is a great piece of news for Apple to start the year off with.

The Ideal Arena for Developers

Apple’s success is out there for all to see but the developers who created the apps which have been downloaded so extensively get somewhat pushed into the background. Apple has actually thanked them in a statement made on its official website, showing how valuable the developers are for the company. As of now, the developers at Apple have created more than 775,000 apps for the iOS users. In addition, the App Store has apps from other developers as well.

The quality of the apps is reflected in the fact that over 500 million people have registered to the App Store and download apps regularly from there. Throughout the year, the frequent downloading of apps allowed Apple to have a bumper year. They also paid over $7 billion to the many developers who have been working hard at creating new high quality apps for them.

A Growing Market

Without a doubt, the market for apps is only going to increase. More people are buying iOS devices day after day. Millions of people across the world own iPhones, iPods and iPads and use the App Store to improve their user experience. Apple has a difficult job on its hand trying to match the phenomenal apps success it has had in 2012. One should not forget that this is the same year that Apple faced the maps app mess which makes their astounding success all the more remarkable.


[Image via sync-blog]