Currently, obesity is a prevalent issue in the U.S. As disease and health concerns rise, so increases the never-ending search for the best ways to lose weight. With today’s technology, health and weight loss information have become easily attainable. There are numerous websites delivering health tips, exercise programs and healthy recipes, all of which can make dieting more convenient. But, how could Twitter and other social media sites help contribute to the process and longevity of weight loss?


New Study Found Social Media Networks Beneficial to Dieting

In recent research, by the University of South Carolina Arnold School of Public Health, 96 overweight individuals entered into a 6 month diet program. To aid the study, the dieters were sent biweekly podcast updates on work outs and nutrition. Of the participants, 47 were also given a Twitter app and a diet-monitoring app for use on their mobile device. These apps allowed the user to keep an online food diary and have regular interaction with online counselors.

At the conclusion of the 6 month diet, all 96 participants had lost weight. However, the study found that “Tweeters”, as a group had lost more weight than those who did not have access to Titter on their phones. The research also revealed that for every 10 Tweets, there was a 0.5% weight loss.

Ways to use Social Media for Weight Loss

When starting a new diet program, most of you will seek help and support from family or close friends. But, Twitter and Facebook help you connect with hundreds of friends and followers. By simply talking about your weight loss journey on your social network, you will generate loads of support, and possibly a few extra workout partners. By using Twitter as a food diary, Tweeting about your goals and posting photos of your progress, you will feel a sense of obligation to your supporters to stick with your plan, reach those goals, and keep the weight off.

Reaching your desired weight can seem impossible. Could your social media network be just the tool you need for success?


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