Facebook is still the most popular social networking site today, although very recent surveys seem to point at something different when it comes to the younger generation. In particular, Tumblr seems to be gaining an edge. Still, the prevalence of Facebook cannot be ignored, with people utilizing the site for all sorts of purposes.

Facebook File Sharing


From uploading photos to chatting with friends – Facebook does seem to be going in the direction of being the one-stop shop for online users. Perhaps the only thing lacking now is the ability to share files via the platform.


That’s what German startup Dropify is addressing, presumably because the founders saw the gap in the market and jumped up to address the need. Founded by Alex Heilmann, Mike Lieser, and Chris Striepecke in May of 2011 in Cologne, Dropify is a web app which integrates with Facebook.

The app allows users to upload files easily via the web interface. It’s simply a matter of dragging and dropping. You are then asked to add some meta data. It’s good to be organized sometimes!

Once that formalities are done, you can share your file – or “drop” – on Facebook. Your friends – or selected people whom you choose – can then download the file whenever they want.

Why would anyone want to do this?

Think about it. Bands can share their songs or music videos. Visual artists can share their work. Writers can share their pieces.

On a more personal level – which is probably more relevant to majority of Facebook users – home videos can be easily shared and downloaded via Dropify.

There is also the virality factor, albeit merely potential at this point, which is highly likely thanks to the activity feed, which Facebook users can see. And as we know, the more you see something on Facebook, the more you are likely to pay attention to it.

Another plus for Dropify is that it is compatible with mobile devices, which is perfect as more and more people access Facebook via phones and/or tablets.

Dropify is free, but you may opt to access more features via the premium account.

[Image via Dropify]