I don’t know about you, but I was taken by surprise (in the pleasant sense of the term) when I heard about Temple Run 2 being launched. Then again, the sequel to the hit game Temple Run was not really hyped up, and while Temple Run 2 took nine months to develop, the days leading up to the launch were quiet ones. But has that quiet been carried over to the days/weeks after the launch? Or has lightning struck twice for Imangi?

Has Lightning Struck Twice For Imangi's Temple Run?

Let’s refresh our memories regarding Temple Run. Sure, we all know just how big a hit the game was (is), but do you know that it has been downloaded 170 million times since it was launched in August 2011? Granted that is about a year and a half ago, but the number is still mind boggling, isn’t it?

Now, where does Temple Run 2 stand?

What we have so far…

  • Eight hours after the release, the game took the top spot in the iOS chart for free apps.
  • In the first 24 hours, the game got six million downloads.
  • Temple Run 2 has been played 210 million times.
Some might raise the argument that it’s a temporary spike, with the interest in the sequel a natural result of the success of Temple Run. However, taking a look at in-app purchases, it seems that players really do like Temple Run 2 – so much so that it is already number three in the top-grossing-apps chart!
So, does Imangi have another hit on their hands? It does look like it!
Temple Run

Temple Run 2 Rope – New Move

What with improved graphics and new moves, there are lots of reasons to jump over from Temple Run to Temple Run 2. It can be a little more difficult and will need some adjusting to, but that is one of the alluring things about the game. We’ll just have to see down the road if the sequel can measure up to the original.
If you don’t have Temple Run 2 yet, get it free for the iPhone and iPad. Android users will have their chance next week.

[Image via toucharcade]