Having already established a name among the desktop PC’s core processor and the laptop and net book core processor developers, Intel is a well established giant in the computer software market. Its processors have revolutionized PC’s all over the world and with successful collaborations with Acer, DELL, HP, and Samsung etc; the company has been able to cater to masses on a global scale.

With a well developed reputation for excellence, Intel has finally taken the leap from PC’s, laptops and net books towards the upcoming trend of smartphones and tablets. The amount of functions and apps that smartphones and tablets are expected to do nowadays is enough to make them to be seen as a type of pocket pc that allows people to function on the go.

This factor can make the processor of many tablets and smartphones get scrutinized by buyers before they choose to make a purchase. Unfortunately, there have been many who frown upon the processors being used as they are deemed inadequate to support the best useable applications and provide multi-tasking functions with ease.

Intel Reveals Its Plans for Smartphones and Tablets

For this reason, the Intel corporation giants have finally woken up and announced a plan to launch a new kind of Intel processor powered phone known as the Intel Atom Z2420 but also codenamed Lexington. The smart phone is power packed bundle with an Intel Atom core processor and features such as Intel’s Wireless Display technology, support for FM and hardware that supports 1080p acceleration for videos along 5 mega pixel camera which is capable of capturing 7 shots within a second.

To support such high performing features, Intel has equipped the phone with a processor that provides speeds of up to 1.2GHz with the help of Hyper Threading. With an Intel XMM 6265HSPA, the modem is able to support a dual SIM feature which was an aspect that Intel was careful to include due to the nature of Intel’s target audience.

Due to Intel’s history of developing excellent performance processors Safaricom, Acer and Lava have already signed up with Intel for the right to use the Intel Atom Z2420 in their upcoming products. With an upcoming update to the Intel Atom processor with the Intel Atom Z580 processor consumers can wait to get their hands on these products.

For tablets, the Intel launched a new SoC – System on Chip, 22nm Atom processor. The new platform, namely the Bay Trail is said to double the power and speed up procession of any existing Atom Z2760. Although tablets are much more closer in functionality to PC’s and laptops, Intel has not had to make or announce too many changes for its existing processors.


[Image via twylah]