iPhone users who aren’t satisfied with the services provided by their wireless carriers can now seek refuge with T-Mobile. At present, T-Mobile is the only one among the leading networks in the US which does not sell iPhones directly. That situation is going to change next year according to the new agreement drawn up between Apple and T-Mobile. The network has taken an early step to welcome iPhone users into its fold and give them a sneak preview of how their services are for them.

T-Mobile Opens Its Doors To iPhone Users

What the company has done is improving the speed it offers to compete with the other providers who sell the iPhones directly. The main reason why users weren’t opting for T-Mobile over the other networks was the slower speed. Well, T-Mobile has rectified that problem for good. According to the company, users who had bought the iPhones from any of the other network carriers can now enjoy high speed connectivity in 14 cities across the US including New York and Philadelphia.

The problem faced by users when migrating from one carrier to another is that the iPhones are ‘locked’ when they purchase them. T-Mobile has taken care of that and introduced a way to unlock the phones so the people can use their services on their iPhones. In fact, the ad promoting the new high speed service by T-Mobile clearly shows an unlocked iPhone. The ads are meant for all smartphones but the image is clearly of an iPhone which makes it clear that T-Mobile is targeting Apple customers.

However, the users have shown apprehension about moving to T-Mobile in the past. The reason for this is that T-Mobile still runs 2G in the age where users have started taking 3G and 4G for granted. The only network carrier which offers similar services to T-Mobile is AT & T. This is why AT & T users are the only ones to migrate their iPhones to T-Mobile. The users who are on Verizon and other network carriers prefer to stick to their current choice rather than make the transition.

T-Mobile has taken an active step to change the scenario by offering 4G speeds in the cities which have been listed in the advertisements. The users who decide to change to T-Mobile from their current package would be pleasantly surprised at the improved speeds. T-Mobile has announced that AT & T, Verizon and Sprint users can now switch to their service by getting their iPhones unlocked.


[Image via 9to5mac]