Irrational games is nearly ready to reveal the third game in the BioShock franchise. BioShock Infinite, which resembles the preceding games very little, is set to be released on March 26th.

While BioShock Infinite does share some similar gameplay concept with the previous games, the setting and storyline are entirely different. Bioshock Infinite is ready to take the player on a whole new adventure in the sky.   Though Infinite couldn’t really be considered a sequel or prequel to the original Bioshock games, the time setting is earlier, landing the player in 1912. Like the previous games, it is also a mature rated hack and slash game with a high dose of morality, giving the player the option to spare lives instead of just taking them.

BioShock Infinite: A New Direction

Columbia, the sky-city

No longer will the player venture through the underwater city of Rapture. The game setting takes place on a floating city that travels the sky by balloons and blimps. The city was originally designed to be a flying World’s Fair and was intended by the U.S. government as an example of exceptionalism. However, the massive airship city became a law unto itself and somewhat of an elusive pirate ship in the sky.


BioShockers will now play the role of shady private detective, Booker DeWitt . DeWitt’s case takes him to Columbia, the steampunk-ish sky city, to retrieve and protect young Elizabeth (AI controlled), who has been imprisoned there for 12 years. After her rescue, the two main characters find themselves being pursued by both of the city’s two opposing factions. Like the previous games, the player will use a combination of weapons, gear, spells and potions to fend off enemies.

Since the game’s early acclaim and receiving best in show at the 2011 E3, the hype has gamers anxious, but the game has a lot to live up to. Time will tell in BioShock Infinite will be the next best hack and slash game.

[Image via escapistmagazine]