Many people are familiar with the large red video kiosks at local gas stations and grocery stores, and now you can have that in your own living room.  Redbox and Verizon will now be offering their streaming video and gaming collection, Redbox Instant, on Xbox 360. They will be the exclusive gaming and entertainment launch partner. Currently the Redbox Instant is testing its beta version, which began in December 2012, and is accepting email addresses for a chance to participate in the testing.  Netflix has already successfully utilized Sony’s PlayStation 3 as a viewing platform. This service will only be available for Xbox Gold subscribers but, will also be coming to other non-console devices like iOS and Android apps, Google TV, and TVs from LG, Samsung and Vizio.

Price and Selection

Upon signing up for Redbox Instant, the viewers will receive unlimited streaming video and a bonus of 4 Redbox DVD rentals free for the first month, and $8 a month after the initial trial ($9 a month for Blu-ray coming soon). While being quite similar to Netflix in design and price, Redbox Instant cannot yet compete with the sheer quantity of selection available in their well established competitors such as Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Video.


Much of the gaming selection seems to be vague at the moment and may be the niche that Redbox Instant needs to be a serious competitor.  But,  they  recently launched a separate website nicknamed “Redhead Nation” that invites Redbox Instant users to take part in games and in return win prizes ranging from a Redbox rental to an Xbox.  Redbox Instant Chief marketing Officer Amy Gibby said that the goal of the new site was to learn from beta testers. “We can really learn a lot from them,” she said, adding that there are already 2,000 people currently signed up.

Although there is no specific release date as of yet, but this service is rumored to be coming out in March.

[Image via mashable]