Most of us have encountered a news article, blog, or other web content that we want to read, but don’t have time to do so.  It can also be difficult to reliably keep track of all of that web content. Fortunately, Amazon has devised a solution for this particular quandary. Amazon has just announced in a blog post that it has invented a new way for Kindle users to get web content on their device.  The new “Send to Kindle” button allows users to forward pages to their tablets with one easy click of a button.


The way that it works is simple.  If you have an article that you would like to read later, all you willl to do is click on the Send to Kindle Button.  Once you have done so, you be able to read it later, at your convenience.  Just open your Kindle and all of the content that you sent is there.  The Send to Kindle Button works for all Kindle devices as well as free Kindle reading apps for Android phones, tablets, iPhone, or iPad.

Amazon Announces 'Send to Kindle' Button

Some Kindle users may already be familiar with the Send to Kindle concept.  The Send to Kindle Button is part of a group of Send to Kindle applications that allow users to send personal documents to their Kindle. However, this new button is an expansion of the already existing concept, as many websites are now adopting the Send to Kindle Button. Popular websites that are already featuring the Send to Kindle Button include The Washington Post, TIME, and Boing Boing.  Kindle is making it easy for websites to add the Send to Kindle Button.  If you have a website and want to add the Send to Kindle Button, you can get it for free from Amazon. The Send to Kindle Button is also available for WordPress bloggers through WordPress.

[Images via technologytell & the-digital-reader]