A social site was launched for college students,on Tuesday. The social network was created so that Students could connect with each other and with potential employers. Collegefeed also gives students access to tuition help, interviewprep help, alumni and mentors, and assists the students with their job search. The feed, which is reminiscent of Facebook will provide the user with relevant information, based on the student’s interest. The student’s news feed may include potential jobs opportunities in the student’s desired field, alumni to connect with, and even available internships and awards the student may be qualified to win.

 CollegeFeed Connects College Students and Employers

Collegefeed follows student’s progression

Instead of forcing decisions through short interviews, campus visits and career fairs, Collegefeed connects the students with employers as they progress through school by bringing together employers and alumni who can provide the students with access to well paying jobs with leading companies. The site will also hold competitions in which students can win awards to help pay for tuition.

Sanjeev Agrawal, founder, CEO of Collegefeed, and formerly the chief of product marketing for Google stated in an email interview, “Early career profiles need to be very different from late career profiles. They need to focus on portfolios / class projects / thesis work, internships, tc.,” Also saying that its “Very hard for these kids to stand out on other networks. Our competitions and awards program is meant to precisely help these students show off their skills.”

CollegeFeed Connects College Students and Employers


Collegefeed will beggining beta testing with three schools in California; Carnegie Mellon SV, Stanford, and the University of California, Berkeley. The plan is for the site to go nationwide by the end of this year. The new college network will market employerbranded pages, giving students and employers a way to connect in a comfortable news feed setting.

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