Businesses have found a new solution to using mobile devices for enhancing their operations: the IBM MobileFirst platform. IBM has launched the platform for enterprise customers that encompass a number of features which cover the scope of using mobile devices in businesses. It enables companies to control and manage the way in which the employees use mobile devices. Also, businesses will be able to develop and create a new custom app for themselves.

IBM MobileFirst Launched for Enterprise Customers

IBM the Ideal Company for Offering Mobile Solutions

There are few technology companies more capable of providing mobile solutions than IBM. The company has a wealth of experience in helping enterprises go mobile. As of now, they have over a thousand enterprises as customers which have enabled them to polish their solutions and ensure they are top of the line. As a result, they have enhanced the quality of their services considerably which has culminated in the IBM MobileFirst platform being launched.

Despite having been present in the industry for quite some time, IBM has kept mum about their prowess in offering mobile solutions. They haven’t created any hype or hoopla about their services but the quality of services is undeniable. It is the first time they are bringing forth a comprehensive mobile portfolio which will boost the mobile solutions they provide. The company is making the most of their close to 300 patents as well as their recent purchases of mobile –related properties.

Making Mobile Solutions Easier to Manage

The mobile solutions portfolio covers various aspects of mobile usage for enterprises. First and foremost, the portfolio enables the businesses to manage the mobile devices of its employees and ensure they are being used for enhancing the business’ operations. The MobileFirst platform has been updated to include new features that have been added to the mobile solutions offered by IBM at present. They will also be able to use IBM Worklight with MobileFirst.

More significantly, the new platform comes with enhanced security features to ensure there are no safety issues faced by enterprises using MobileFirst. There are new scanning capabilities that have been added to the platform which will relieve some of the burden of the personnel managing the platform on behalf of the enterprise. This makes it ideal for businesses to create apps and make them compatible across all mobile platforms.

It remains to be seen whether enterprises open up to the prospect of using IBM MobileFirst for enhancing the use of mobile devices in business.

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