The Jawbone UP is a fitness wristband and application that takes a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle.The original Up was launched by Jawbone in late 2011 but was recalled because many customers were returning damaged devices.

Jawbone UP Now Works for Android Users

After some design changes that have made the wristband more durable, the UP was released again in late 2012. Although the wristband was not ready for social network sharing initially, Jawbone added the ability to share on Facebook in February. And though the device was originally for iphone use only, Jawbone is now introducing its Jawbone UP app for Android in Google Play.

How it works

The Jawbone Up collects data when you were it. It follows and records your daily activities 24/7 and also tracks your sleep patterns. Additionally, the app also has a feature that allows you to enter your mood and keep track of your meals.

Other cool features of the device are Idle Alert which lets you know that you are being too lazy, and Smart Alarm which wakes you up at the proper time during your sleep cycle to help you wake feeling refreshed.

The UP is made of tough but flexible that is comfortable enough to wear all day and sleep with at night, yet rugged enough to endure a hard workout and even your daily showers.

Unlike the Nike+ Fuelband, the UP is not wireless, but instead, the device syncs manually with the app by a connection to your phone’s headphone jack. This non wireless design was intended to extend the wrist band’s battery life, which will last approximately 10 days.

The Up fitness bracelet has an online pricetag of $129. And in addition to the newly launched Android app, Jawbone’s wristband is now available in Asia, Australia, and Europe, and will be available in the Middle East this April.

[Image via design-engine]