A new Google Patent aims to increase a smartphone or tablet devices battery life by pro-actively changing the units display quality.

In the patent Google calls for a system in which the smartphone or tablet can disable certain display-related aspects to lower power consumption.

The users display would lose an increasing amount of quality as their battery charge continues to deteriorate. Google does not outline how much degradation of quality would occur as battery charge lessens

Google Battery LifeIt is likely that Google will start by targeting systems on a devices display that are not necessarily needed at all times. For example, Google could start by disabling Blur and animation functions, followed by a decrease in screen resolution as battery life suffers further.

As a battery reaches the point where it is about to shut off quickly Google could take extreme steps, such as displaying only red and black colors. This option would allow a phone to remain on when it would normally shut off.

While most users probably don’t want to look at a red and black output the maneuver would allow them to still receive and make calls until they can install a new battery or charge their smartphone.

Google Battery Patent

Battery technology has failed to keep up with advances in mobile technology. In many cases smartphone makers have simply chosen batteries with a higher mAh rating, sacrificing a small amount of device size for the security of longer battery life.

As mobile manufacturers continue to push more technology into their devices we can likely expect to witness more battery drain from certain pieces of tech. On a positive note, CPUs combined with GPUs and other advances have helped create lower power consuming components for many mobility based products.

Would you mind losing some of your display’s output quality if it meant a longer lasting battery life?

[Images via Android Authority]