With the prevalence of smartphone usage increasing for children, it is becoming increasingly difficult for parents to monitor their children’s internet usage. For many smartphone users, their phone is their primary way of accessing the internet.  This goes for children with smartphones as well. Also, smartphone and tablet users are increasingly younger. The fact that young children can carry a computer in their pocket can make it difficult for many parents to supervise their online activities. Fortunately, there is an app for that.

In fact, parents can choose from several different apps on the market.  If you want to monitor the sites and apps your children use, as well as what texts and calls they can receive, then Kytephone can help.  Kytephone gives parents the ability to block calls, monitor and control internet usage, as well as control all of the apps on your child’s phone.  Or if you prefer to provide your children with more freedom, Kytephone also has a version for older teens that doesn’t include the ability to block calls.

For those with younger children, there is the free app Playrific.  The app is available for Android, iPad and also on the Web. This app is specifically recommended for 2 to 8 year olds, and provides users with a locked browser that offers only kid-friendly content, such as books, games and educational videos.  It also curates content based on the child’s interests, so that the experience is tailored specifically for the child.

With the unlimited access to social networks that a smartphone or tablet provides, comes another set of worries for parents.  Many parents feel it is important to monitor social networks for problems like bullying, sexual predators, or even identity theft. Net Nanny Social is a subscription, Web-based tool.  The cost of the subscription is $19.99 for a year of service. The subscription helps parents to monitor social networks including Facebook and Twitter.

[Image via technews24h]