Apple has enjoyed god-like status in many countries, not in the least thanks to its fan boys and girls. Fanaticism or not, one cannot simply ignore the allure that Apple products have. From iPhones to iPads to Macs to MacBooks, Apple has continued to churn out devices that do the job and look awesome. Of course, haters will be haters and there will always be those who have nothing good to say about the brand.

It is hard to argue when it comes to stats and hard numbers, though. And those are what matter when Apple enters markets. India is one of the biggest markets for electronics, and Apple has not overlooked that. As such, they entered the country not too long ago. Admittedly, they had a rather slow start, but things might have just made a turn for the better for Apple in the Indian market.

Will Apple Conquer The Indian Market?

Apple’s strategy? To go to the mom-and-pop stores that are scattered all throughout the country. India is a tech-loving nation, both as consumers and manufacturers. They have a huge population, and they are considered the world’s fastest growing smartphone population. Bearing that in mind, Apple has done well to make a push.

While it still ranks second – to no less than Samsung – it does seem that Apple’s strategy is working. Currently, Apple has dedicated franchisees in the country. In order to be competitive and perhaps play catch up with Samsung, Apple needs to adapt to the specific way things are done in India – that is, forget about telecom-subsidized handsets.

According to The Economic Times, Apple is ramping up its sales strategy. It has reportedly asked its franchisees to “scale up their operations”. The plan also involves tripling exclusive stores in the country by 2015, to about a total of 200. Add that to bringing products to family-owned businesses, and Apple might just have a go at dominating the Indian market.

The question is whether or not the Indian market will have the disposable income to devour Apple devices as they come out, which is rather often these days.

So, will Apple conquer the Indian market? Perhaps.

[Image via benzinga]