Naysayers have attacked Google Glass, claiming that the product is too niche to attract major mainstream attention. A new study however suggests not only will Google Glass sell well, it will actually be a huge hit for the software giant.

The team at BiTE Interactive commissioned YouGov to conduct a study on the matter of Google Glass. The company polled 1,000 American smartphones users 18 years and older for the study.

According to the study one in 10 respondents said they would wear Google Glass regularly regardless of price. At the same time 45% of respondents call Google Glass “too socially awkward” and “too irritating” to wear. Another 44% of respondents say Google Glass doesn’t offer features they find necessary or desirable.

Google Glass Will Be A Huge Success According To Study

According to BiTE Interactive EVP of Operations Joseph Farrell:

Google is leading the wearable technology bubble as it looks to define what the next consumer screen will be. Google’s past successes have occurred when they provide an innovative product that solves a real consumer need. However, with Glass it looks like Google risks exposing a serious disconnect between its pioneering technology and the key problem it solves. The Google Glass Adoption Forecast uncovers many more concerns for Google’s Glass strategy with the majority of smartphone owners unconvinced that its key features would make it worth buying.”

So how can a product called “undesirable” and “too socially awkward” be considered a future smash hit? According to BiTE a radical new device with a 10% adoption rate is rather astounding.

If we consider that 136.7 million Smartphone users live in the United States that could mean 13.6 million would be willing to pair their smartphone with Google Glass.

Even if 1 in 100 people would be willing to give Google Glass a try that is still 1.36 million units sold, not bad for a technology nobody has ever used in real life.

It is very likely that the BiTE study is flawed because of overzealous respondents who like the idea behind Google but don’t necessarily need or want to pay for the tech.

Whatever the case may be Google Glass is getting a lot of press exposure and future improvements to the technology after release could prove to strengthen the new wearable technology.

[Image via dogtownmedia]