Sick of first-person-shooters where all you have to do is shoot your way through hoards of enemies, without having much to do in terms of actually advancing the plot? Then you should definitely try Metro Last Light: a game for patient players who value atmosphere, graphics and a good story more than just advancing their marksman skills.

A follow-up to 2010’s Metro 2033, Metro Last Light is an incredibly well-crafted post-apocalyptic FPS adventure developed by Ukraine’s studio 4A Games. Inspired by the universe created by Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky, the game is set in a post-nuclear holocaust world.

Metro Last Light: A Game-Changing FPS

It takes place in the year 2034, in Moscow, where residents now inhabit the underground tunnels in order to escape radiation. The player controls lead character Artyom who is exploring the underground cities that have emerged in the tunnels in search for a way to keep everybody alive, as rival factions are preparing for war. The stakes are raised even higher by the fact the survivors have to do everything in their power to stay safe from various mutated animals that roam the tunnels and the surface.

Metro Last Light has some minor AI and technical glitches, but its strength lies in the unique atmosphere it creates. From the sense of danger and dread that lurks around any corner to the claustrophobic feeling of the underground and the intriguing political schemes, this is a game that relies heavily on its story.

The gameplay is slow and takes patience, emphasizing stealth capabilities rather than gun blazing action. The FPS elements are perfectly blended with elements of survival horror, literally bringing players to the edge of their seats.

All in all, Last Light is a visually stunning, engaging adventure that grips you as soon as you hit play and doesn’t let you get off until the end credits roll. It drags you into its world and choking atmosphere, to offer you a unique adventure that merges strong storytelling, amazing visuals and plenty of action to create a dystopian world marked by dread, but by endless hope as well. This is a must-play for all FPS fans who are looking for a superior gaming experience.

Metro Last Light is out now for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

[Image via VG247]