The market of bike-mounted generators that can be used to power up your phone or other mobile device while pedaling has just got another addition, the Siva Cycle Atom. With a more compact design, the Atom also gives bikers the option of charging a removable battery, for later use.

The Siva Cycle Atom consists of a very light and efficient generator and a rechargeable 1300 mAh battery pack that can power up any electronic or mobile gadgets through an USB 2.0 port. Its charge rate of 500 mA offers it more or less the same speed with which a computer could power up your smartphone. And if removed for later use, the battery can charge up a phone to about 70 percent of its full capacity.

Siva Cycle Atom: Bike Power to Your Phone

The Atom is very easy to install on your bike and comfortable to carry around, since it only weighs 10.58 ounces and is 7.5in tall, 3in wide and 1.2in deep. The generator is activated by a small gear which is set in motion by your bike’s back wheel. The resulting current is then converted to electricity that can be used to power up any device. After you reach the destination, the battery will disconnect and you will be able to take it along in case you need to power something else.

Manufacturers Siva Cycle designed the Atom as renewable energy tech destined for modern bikers who want to stay connected at all times. The Atom is now on Kickstarter, where it already exceeded its $80,000 goal. All those who pledge $85 will receive a device. And the manufacturers said they will donate one Siva Cycle Atom for every ten sold, in order to offer this eco-friendly energy tech to communities around the globe that do not have access to a constant electricity supply.

The device will be assembled in the United States with electronics and components manufactured locally, while the housing, battery and cables will be provided by Siva Cycle’s Chinese partners. Mass production is scheduled to begin in July-August and the first shipments are planned for November.

[Image via Kickstarter]