Whether you’re in a post-apocalyptic desert waste or well… just lost in the woods behind your house, your survival may depend on this gadget. Meet the Earl, the world’s first backcountry survival tablet that can withstand and function in virtually any adverse conditions.

The Android 4.1 tablet has a 6-inch black and white display designed for perfect visibility outdoors. It also has a special lunar mode to maintain visibility at night. The display does not require too much energy to run, which means the battery can last up to 20 hours.

The Earl Is World’s First Backcountry Survival Tablet

And when the battery runs out of juice, don’t worry: the Earl has a built-in solar panel that can recharge the battery in just five hours. The tablet is also equipped with a very useful battery.

But what is truly impressive about this survival tablet is that was designed to be that solid so as to be completely water-, dust-, mud-, and  shockproof. The device can survive full submersion in about three feet of water for half an hour, it can operate perfectly at altitudes of 40,000 feet and in temperatures ranging between 32 and 122F.

The Earl also has a built-in radio tuner that covers multiple frequencies and a two-way radio that functions like a walkie-talkie, allowing users to connect to analog or digital frequencies up to 20 miles away.  The device can indicate your exact location, direction and elevation level through a GPS chipset and the integrated sensors, giving users access to about 300,000 trail maps.

Other features include gyroscopic motion controls, glove friendly touch capabilities and of course, weather forecast services, since the tablet can measure barometric pressure, humidity and temperature and wind direction and speed.

For the time being, the tablet’s maps and radio frequencies are only designed for North America, but manufacturers plan to launch versions for Europe and Australia by the end of the year. The device is currently in the crowdfunding stage. Those interested can visit the product’s website and pledge $249. In return, they will get the tablet with over 100,000 maps. That’s quite a bargain, given that the retail price is expected to be around $360.

[Image via mikeshouts]