With more than 4 million users, to-do app Wunderlist is certainly still one of the most recommended apps in its niche. It may not be the newest, but the team recently released Wunderlist 2 – “your beautiful and simple to-do list”. More than releasing the newest version of Wunderlist, the 6 Wunderkinder team has decided to go the pro route by launching Wunderlist Pro. Currently, the premium version is only available via the web, for iOS and Mac. Windows and Android users, don’t worry, though, as they are working on your platforms.


Wunderlist Pro is available as an in-app purchase, which you can get via your iPhone or iPad app. You can also do this via the Mac App Store and the web. But why would you want to shell out the required $4.99 per month for Wunderlist Pro?


That’s the main selling point of Wunderlist Pro. With the app, you can create and assign tasks to team members so that you can manage tasks and track progress. This is perfect for teams who already use Wunderlist.

Breaking things up

Sometimes, tasks are just too big that you won’t be able to handle things without breaking them up into smaller chunks. With the ability to create unlimited subtasks on Wunderlist Pro, you have more control over the specificity of your tasks.


Wouldn’t it be perfect if you could attach files to tasks? That would really bring Wunderlist at par with other collaboration tools. Sad to say, this functionality is not available yet, but the team assures users that it is on its way.

I don’t know, but the extra features seem kind of few at this point. The team says, though, that new features will continue to be added to the pro version.

Do you already use Wunderlist? Do you think that paying the fee for Wunderlist Pro is worth it, or are you sticking with the free version?

[Image via Wunderlist]