This is definitely the age of everything “smart” in which all the gadgets we own can be interconnected into one single organism. And our houses are also becoming part of that organism, as it is now easier to control our living space with the help of smart thermostats and locks.

The August smart lock, which connects directly to the home owner’s smartphone and can even unlock and open the door for them, is the perfect example of how interconnectivity is spearheading the home automation movement.

August Smart Lock Enhances Home Automation

Much like the Kēvo locks from Kwikset, the August smart lock designed by Yves Behar and Jason Johnson allows users to easily control their home doors via their mobile devices.  More specifically, the lock connects to your iOS or Android phone via Bluetooth technology. This way, it can unlock and open your door as soon as you get close enough, and you won’t have to do a thing.

With August, you can also grant your friends and family easy access to your home and you have the possibility of barring unwanted visitors. For instance, you can send invites to specific users, and the lock will allow them access. This is a useful thing to have when you’re hosting a party and you don’t want to run to the door every time a new guest arrives. The August smart lock will let them in automatically.

Developers say the device is encrypted so as not to allow access to anyone who does not have permission. But just to be on the safe side, the company provides users with a list of all people who entered their house. Users will be able to access the log online.

The smart lock runs on an internal battery so as to allow home owners access even if the power is out. The device runs on standard batteries that can be easily replaced and if the battery runs out, you can still use a standard key to get in your home.

The August smart lock will probably be available for purchase this year, for a retail price of $199. Unlike the Kēvo, August will not entirely replace your current lock, but will attach to your deadbolt and replace the interior latch. According to developers, August is compatible with 90 percent of the locks currently on the market.

[Image via computervoche]