Until recently, it seemed virtually impossible to have electric vehicles able to reach speeds normally reserved for traditional gasoline-fueled racers.

But auto maker Nissan is looking to change all that and has just unveiled a new racing model that is touted to be the world’s fastest electric car, able to reach speeds of over 180 mph.

Is This World’s Fastest Electric Car?

The ZEOD RC (Zero Emission On Demand Racing Car) model was unveiled at Le Mans last Saturday and has already won a spot in an electric car race at the prestigious French track next year.

The vehicle uses an electric system and the same lithium-ion batteries as Nissan’s Lead Nismo RC. However, while Nismo RC reached a top speed of 93 mph and delivered 107 HP, the ZEOD RC is believed to be able to exceed 186 mph.

ZEOD RC will make its testing debut sometime this summer.  The vehicle will not be fully electric, but rather a hybrid which will let drivers switch between petrol-powered and electric drive, Nissan officials said.

Nevertheless, its impressive capabilities will surely make the ZEOD RC one of the fastest electric vehicles in the world and also among all types of vehicles, including petro-powered ones. The electric racer is further aided by its advanced aerodynamics and lightweight architecture.

nissan ZEOD

Nissan said however that the ZEOD is yet a prototype that requires further testing, with the ultimate goal of having the technology available for everyday vehicles, not only for racers. The Japanese auto maker has not yet unveiled any drivetrain details for the electric model.

The company said it will continue testing different drivetrain options and various combinations of gasoline engines and electric motors until next year’s 24-hour Le Mans race. Nissan will take part in the race under the Garage 56 category, which is normally reserved for only one technologically innovative car model every year.

[Images via Wired]