If you like your music really loud but still want to be able to enjoy extremely accurate sound, this is definitely the speaker system for you. The Klipsch KMC 3 is the first portable Bluetooth speaker manufactured by the company and it can definitely make some noise!

The Klipsch KMC 3 should not be regarded just as a portable speaker, it is actually more of a fully portable sound system, being designed for accurate and powerful sound reproductions.

Klipsch KMC 3 Speaker Delivers Accurate Sound

KMC 3 is the initial product in Klipsch’s Music Center series of wireless speakers, designed to commemorate Klipsch’s partnership with Live Nation Entertainment, which resulted in the construction of one of the world’s most popular live music venues, the Klipsch Music Center amphitheater.

Klipsch’s KMC 3 is the company’s first portable speaker equipped with Bluetooth. This means that you can use the speakers to play music directly from your smartphone or tablet wirelessly. And if you’re worried that this will affect the quality of sound, don’t be: the system’s apt-X technology allows for clear reproduction of sound, almost as if you’re hearing the music played live.

The speaker system has quite a volume range, with a maximum acoustic output of 105 dB.  Loaded with two full range drivers of 15W and one subwoofer of 35W, the speaker system also boasts 130W of peak power, promising impressive audio quality.

Users can also connect non-Bluetooth devices to the speaker system through an auxiliary 3.5mm input. The system is equipped with an USB post as well, allowing users to charge their smartphones or tablets when the KMC 3 is connected to a power outlet.

The speaker system is not exactly pocket sized, as it is 17 inch wide and weighs 7.8 pounds, but it is provided with a very handy handle that makes it easy to carry around. The KMC 3 is powered by eight D cell batteries which can last up to 26 hours of playback – less if you’re running at maximum volume.

The impressive Klipsch speaker was first unveiled at CES this year and will hit the shelves this month, with an equally impressive price tag: $400. But its features and sound quality are worth the price, especially if you’re a music connoisseur who wants pitch perfect sound.

[Image via Klipsch]