The digital collectors of art, recently announced the release of their own app for iPhones and touch iPod. The company has been working relentlessly to bring the art world into the online space by connecting with galleries, museums and art fairs around the world to display images of the works on the start up’s website. So far, the 150,000 registered users of the site are able to browse and purchase over 60,000 pieces of art from some of the leading galleries around the world. The Artsy App is a further step in Artsy’s mission to make art accessible to all.

View And Purchase World Renowned Art With The Artsy App

Art in Your Pocket

Carter Clevelend, the founder and CEO of Artsy, spoke about the online art network telling LA Times’Culture Monster that “This is the first time such a large selection of artworks from world-renowned institutions has been made available to the public all in one place.”

The app for iOS7 will serve to increase the visibility of works from various artists, allowing the user to carry thousands of images of famous works of art in their pocket. The price of work ranges from hundreds to millions with artists such as Monet and Jeff Koons

Free and Simple

The app itself is similar to the site. Users can browse the collections of art and if they see something they like they can view a 2D high-resolution image to scale in a virtual art gallery setting. If the user wishes to buy the work, they can do that with a single tap of the finger. Any works below $10,000 can be bought directly through the Artsy app but dearer pieces will prompt the app to connect the user with the gallery to complete the transaction.

For those who never want to miss the birth of a new masterpiece, the app will keep them updated of the upcoming fairs and exhibitions from around the world. The app is updated daily to keep its users abreast of all the exciting action.

Educating the Masses

The app allows people who wouldn’t necessarily go to an art gallery browse works online and even ask experts for advice before purchasing any pieces. Artsy intends to break down some of the barriers between the art world and the general public. The big vision is to make art accessible and as popular as music is.

[Image via Ovation]