Cyclists, rejoice! You now have a way of communication on the roadside without your hands leaving the brakes. Korean designer and IT innovators at Lee Myung Su Studio has created a one of a kind bag pack that can help bikers go around the traffic. With the use of LED lights, the user can signal different traffic signs and illuminate it at the back of their knapsack. This item is dubbed as the “SEIL Bag” and is currently posted on Kickstarter for an $80,000 funding goal.

SEIL - 01

The SEIL bag is a part of a revolution in what Lee calls “wearable IT.” This item has started its streamline manufacturing since its debut in 2010, and is coupled with the release of a mobile app, now available on Android-based phones. With a simple interface, this app allows the user to wirelessly transmit the message on the LED system.

An essential tool for conveying the messages is the wireless controller; this is a small, round component which can be attached to the bike handles. The user can easily display their signals at their desired time. There are three buttons available in the controller: the stop, emergency and message.

SEIL - 03

Lee Myung Su Studio makes use of the Bluetooth 2.0 technology, with a waterproof LED display and bendable canvass for complete flexibility. With the combined used of the app and the controller, SEIL bag can emit many basic signals as well as customized messages for those who are around the user. There are two modes in which this bag can be used in: the driving mode and the emotion mode. Cyclists can turn left and right safely using the driving mode. However, the emotion mode puts the cool factor in the bag for its wide variety of emoticons.

SEIL - 02

Other than the bag pack, this product also available in two different designs: the hipsack and pouch. Lee Myung Su Studio won their Red Dot Design Award in 2010 for the SEIL bag under the category Design Concept.

SEIL - 04

SEIL - 05

[Images via Lee Myung Su’s Kickstarter]