Some of the world’s biggest cities have seen an increase in the popularity of commuting to work on bicycles. As the focus shifts onto finding more environmentally friendly ways of travelling, companies are also finding easier ways for us to be greener in our everyday activities. That’s the intention of the FlyKly Smart Wheel, which promises to make cycling easier by adding a smart wheel to your bicycle.


The FlyKly Smart Wheel is attached to the back wheel of your bicycle. Once you start peddling, the motor in the FlyKly starts and depending on your speed, gives you a boost and so making your cycling easier.

The device has an app, which enable you to control the FlyKly and also track your bike using GPS. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, as well as the Pebble smart watch.

Once you are up and running (or cycling), the FlyKly is able to travel up to 20 miles per hour for up to 30 miles. It is powered by a lithium battery and can be recharged by any electrical outlet in 2 to 3 hours. It can also charge itself while you ride downhill.

FlyKly has nearly reached half of its Kickstarter campaign target of $100,000. Early pledgers can expect to get the device for $550 and the plan is to ship by May 2014.

[Image via FlyKly]