Cargo, the creative team from Belfast, Northern Ireland have come together with the creators of creative consultancy Mette to make home brewing the easiest it has ever been. Not only is home brewing easy with the aptly named Brewbot machine, it makes brewing consistent, something that anyone whose tried brewing before will know is a task in itself.


The Brewing Process

Brewing beer is a process that takes time and effort. It’s not just simply throwing a load of ingredients into a tank and leaving them there. The delicate mixture of malts and hops need to be heated to the right temperature for the right amount of time and mixed carefully before being cooled and the job goes on. It’s not unnatural for home brewers to make a brilliant batch one day then make a horrible one the next using the exact same ingredients. Brewing is a delicate process.

The Brewbot

The Brewbot is a complete, self-contained machine that users can load up with ingredients and use their smartphone to control the brewing process.

Users can purchase the ingredients from their local brew suppliers or from Brewbot. They then program the machine using the chosen recipe on the Brewbot app. The machine then automatically adds water, adjusts the temperature etc. Then when it becomes time to add the next ingredient, Brewbot will send a message to the user’s iPhone so that they can go and take care of their brew project. Each batch of beer will be approximately 5 gallons.

The main benefit of using the Brewbot is that you don’t have to have any brewing experience at all and you can really experiment with the recipes because all the pressure of method is taken off.

Brewbot in America

Brewbot will be going to Portland, Oregon where they hope to gain the funds they need via Kickstarter to move past the prototype phase. At the moment, Brewbot will cost around $2,400 which the makers say will work out at around $.042/12 oz bottle of beer over the machine’s lifetime. Hopefully, if the Kickstarter campaign goes well, these prices can be further reduced.

[Image via Fast company]